The Cherry On Top of Every Home Gym

Home gyms are all the rage, and for good reason! Instead of spending say, $50/month for a gym membership for 3 years, you could take that money (around $2,000 by our calculations) and build yourself your own gym in your garage or basement.

wall mounted pullup bar
Dwayne Johnson is a big fan of pullups for developing those bat-wing lats!

Think about it, what’s so hard about setting up a gym like the ones featured at expensive athletic clubs across the country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to select equipment that adequately allows you to hit all major muscle groups.

Below we break down some of the more popular staples of the home gym and include one bonus item that will literally be the crowning jewel of your home gym.

1. A Power Rack

A power rack is probably the most versatile piece of gym equipment. Essentially a power rack is a steel cube with mount points on all four pillars for the fastening and hinging of a variety of accessories.

A power rack takes care of a whole plethora of exercises including squat, overhead press, bench press, incline press, deadlift, rack-pulls, and more.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a separate squat rack, separate bench press, separate deadlift platform… you will spend more money if buying all these separate and also need a lot more space in your garage/basement.

2. Free weights

Once you have your power rack you need weights. The most useful weights for this setup will be a standardized Olympic lifting bar and some quality bumper weights.

What are bumper weights? These are big disk weights with rubber either wrapped around the edge or mixed with the weight itself.

What’s wrong with cast iron weights? Well nothing, and we love the old school sound of iron weights clanking against each other during lifts, however using these, while cheaper than bumper plates, will require additional work to protect your concrete floor from damage.

Smashing iron weight repeatedly on cement or wood is a recipe for disaster. If you are determined to go iron, you’ll need to invest in some heavy duty rubber mats to protect your floor. This can be a touch challenge though as it’s hard to find the perfect consistency of rubber that will A) be soft enough to absorb impact but B) be hard enough to give you a good footing when doing your lifts.

Ultimately, we think spending a little more on bumper plates is smarter long term and a more versatile solution for your home gym.

3. Dumbbells

After an Olympic bar and plate weights for your core squat/bench/deadlift movements, you’ll want to add some dumbbells for accessory work like shoulder press, lateral raises, one arm rows, pull-overs, the list goes on.

Dumbbells are generally pretty cheap. One tip, don’t buy a weight range that currently suits you, buy a weight range you can GROW INTO.

For example, if you currently dumbbell press 50lbs, and you buy a set that goes 5-60lbs, you will probably outgrow this weight range within the year. Instead, if you regularly press 50lb dumbbells at 80% of your 1RM, then you’ll want a range that goes to at least 100lbs.

4. Stair Stepper

Cardio.. yeah we hate it too, but if you want those gains to actually show through and not be covered by a layer of fat, you’ll need to do regular cardio.

If you have a public track in your neighborhood, or nice smooth biking paths, you can do your cardio outdoors. This is the most “fun” form, but it also comes with drawbacks, primarily in the form of rain and snow storms.

A stair stepper machine however is compact and efficient. You can pop one in the corner of your home gym and hit it on your off days for cardio. Simply queue up a movie on your iPhone or iPad, put your headphones in, and stair step as you watch. You’ll be burning hundreds of calories before you know it!


5. Wall-Mounted Pull-up System

Last but not least, we recommend every home gym have a solid dedicated pull up station. Sure, lat pull-downs with cable machines are fun, and some studies show they activate the muscles even more than pull-ups done with poor form, but entire cable systems can be very expensive.

A low cost option would be a simple wall-mounted pull-up bar. If you want more details on this type of system the guys at Pullup Professors have an exceptional breakdown of top models.

Sure, some power racks have a bar on the top, but it is usually a plain straight bar, limiting the variations of pull-ups that can be done.

A dedicated wall-mounted system usually has at least 3 different grip options available to activate different parts of the back, making it a superior choice than just a straight bar.

In the end, these bars can be had for under $50 and at very high quality, so it is kind of a no-brainer addition to your home gym.


Best Gits For Breastfeeding Mothers

Are you interested in giving a breastfeeding mom a gift for your anniversary together, her birthday or the holidays? If yes then you should literally do some shopping. That’s because you have many options that are available to you. You shouldn’t just depend on items that would be recommended to you. Rather, if possible, you should try to check out various items and then compare them with one another. Besides that, you still have to ask your recipient about her preferences. Of course, different mothers have unique likes so you have to know what the receiver of your gift prefers.

If you want to give something that’s going to be a surprise then you might as well stick to those that are considered practical for motherhood. If you’re interested to find out some of those that you may be interested in getting for the person who’d get your present, please keep on reading.

Basically, you have to understand that breastfeeding isn’t only something that’s being done at home. When your child is hungry, you should provide him or her with milk You can’ just shush a kid and just go about your business because you need to make your offspring to grow up to be a healthy individual.

One of the most practical gifts that you could ever give to a nursing mother is a dress that’s specifically designed for breastfeeding. To check out several ones that are being sold right now, you could try to shop nursing tops online.

Make sure that you compare different kinds of garments before making a commitment so that you won’t end up having regrets. If you want to, you could also visit review sites on the internet to see the specifications and opinions of people about various nursing top models.

On the other hand, you could always ask experienced mothers to direct you to information about the upper garments that they used while they were nursing so that you would have ideas on what to buy.

Breastfeeding bottles and pillow are also perfect to give a breastfeeding mother. You have to understand that nursing moms sometimes excrete too much milk and may need to store some of what they would produce.

Other than that, some mothers also want to switch to using milk formula from time to time. Getting a cope of feeding bottles can truly help out a breastfeeding mom manage her child. On the other hand, you still have to consider that a mom who’s nursing gets tired as well.

To help a nursing parent with the nurturing of her offspring, you could also get a round type of pillow that’s great for head and neck support. When you’re a mother and you’ve got a stiff neck or overly tensed neck muscles, it may be difficult for you to keep feeding your child even though you have to. That’s why getting a special pillow for a nursing mom can be a wise decision.

Chiropractors and Marketing

There is no reason why a chiropractor should be good at marketing even though chiropractic services need marketing as much as any other business.

For that reason some people now specialize in offering chiropractic marketing assistance, usually online. Therefore visit or a similar site if you are a chiropractor that needs assistance with marketing. Marketing for chiropractic services is no different really from marketing for anything else in so far as there are 2 types of marketing that can be done.

The first type of marketing is online marketing which is becoming increasingly popular as a business’s main marketing strategy. This type of marketing will require that a website is created to make the chiropractic services visible to internet users.

Although today, with the assistance of software, anyone can create their own website, for businesses it is usually best if they allow a professional website designer or developer create their website for them. These are professionals at what they do and so they know what is needed to make a website popular and effective as a marketing tool.

They will usually insist that only high quality content is placed on the site as those sites which are of poor quality may get visitor but most of them leave the site before they even understand what the site is offering. A professional website developer will probably also recommend SEO is used on the site.

SEO is the term used for Search Engine Optimization and when a website uses SEO, it will almost certainly receive more visitors than a site without SEO. Professionals often use keywords as an SEO tool and they place these keywords in the text of the content on the website.

The keywords are effective in getting a search engine’s attention when it is requested to carry out an online search for something relevant to the website. By getting the search engine’s attention, it will place that website at the top of its list of results giving it its best chance of being visited by the person that initiated the search. Often when you visit a website you will see links to other sites and these links are called back links.

An SEO specialist will provide sites where links to your site can be placed and thereby get your site extra visitors without them having to make a search. For this particular strategy an SEO specialist is essential as they will know which sites will accept being ‘hosts’ for other websites and they also know of the importance of the host site being relevant to your website.

For the best results using back links, the links should be placed on the most popular host possible as the more visitors that site gets, the more yours is likely to also get. Offline marketing strategies that have worked for chiropractic clinics are the introduction of a referral system and the hosting of wellness days where presentations about the need for chiropractic services can be given whilst guests enjoy some refreshments.

Slow Your Aging Today

People age and that’s natural but just because individuals do it doesn’t mean that everyone has to age in the same way. You may be able to slow down your aging. You can’t really stop your body from progressing but you can make it slowed for a bit. Though you don’t have control over how slow you can reduce the time of your body’s aging, you can do things that could let you treat your skin well.

In most cases, people associate aging with skin problems. You can get your skin treated and improved. Do you have wrinkles? No matter how many fine lines you have at present, there are things that can be done to have them lessened, concealed or even removed.

Sure, your age won’t be affected by anything since it’s the number of years that you’ve stayed in this world but there are ways for you to stop your body from being older than its age and from losing so many collagen fast. For some of the most useful tips that many have benefited from in terms of looking youthful or for anti-aging, please have a look at what are mentioned under.

As said, to seem ageless, you ought to improve your skin. Make it look flawless and literally healthy and you’ll impress people and maybe even be considered as unique. After all, normally, not everyone gets to preserve their youthful look. To keep on looking young, one of the things that you ought to do is to have your skin treated. If there are scars, you may want to remove them.

Other than that, you could also get rid of abnormal growths that are signs of diseases and associated with old age. Still, you ought to do something about the elasticity of your skin. Even though your body loses collagen, you could make your system create some by simply letting it absorb elements like vitamin C.

Eating the right amount and types of food can help but it would be better for you to simply apply special cream onto your body. You should consider using products for skincare as you age because you may not be able to process food well and you need to supply your skin things directly or topically when you become older to achieve having a healthy surface.

Stress is considered by many as one of the top causes of skin issues. Some would even go so far as to treat it as one of the worst things that could cause health problems in life. When you’re stressed out, you feel anxious, depressed and maybe even angry altogether. Basically, negative stress is unhealthy and can affect the way you look. When you’re worried about so many things or even just one thing, your muscles get really tense and the tissues of your body become very tight. After that, parts of your body become a lot looser when you’ve relaxed. Because you don’t want to have parts of your body sagging, you ought to do something about your stress levels. To keep your skin supple and also taut, it would be best for you to find relief from your negative emotions. You could consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist for behavioral and pharmacological treatment. Also, you could do religious practices or vent out your feelings to some of your closest friends or relatives to feel at ease. Do something about your coping and you’ll significantly reduce your body’s aging.

Just what is the most effective Mattress Topper For A person With Pain in the back?

The catch? These mattress toppers are somewhat a lot more pricey compared to the routine mattress toppers because of the rigid and also phenomenal production treatments. Nevertheless, they do feature a guarantee so you could make sure the high quality of your acquisition. Beginning searching currently and read about the mattress in more detail for a great brand name. Discover the ones that could offer you a fantastic service warranty bargain. Even better, choose one with Thirty Days convenience test so you could examine the mattress topper initially.
Picking the very best mattress topper from the many brand names offered now is a sensible action as you try to acquire a high quality rest surface area. Many individuals similar to on your own are presently experiencing a great deal of problem when resting and also among the significant factors for this is the failure of their present mattress to supply them correct degree of convenience. If you are among those that are experience resting troubles as well as you really feel that your mattress is the primary reason you are having such rest difficulties, after that you have to locate a means to obtain on your own an extra comfy resting surface area; one which is not as well soft or as well strong for your individual preferences. By locating the very best mattress topper, you will certainly be boosting your opportunities of getting a comfy as well as totally relaxed evening of rest.

A mattress topper conceals the blemishes of your main mattress. Real to its name, you position it in addition to your mattress. Simply ensure you buy the appropriate one.

If you are just one of those that are close to banging their moving towards investing greater than a thousand bucks for an uneasy mattress, there is expect you still. You could constantly buy a mattress topper.

When you are selecting, make certain you maintain your individual convenience a leading concern. You could utilize testimonials and check as your overview when getting yet keep in mind that you do not have the precise very same convenience choices as other individuals. What might fit for them might not fit for you.

The start of neck and back pain are normally caused by the use an awkward mattress-usually a bumpy one. If you are utilizing an old mattress with countless swellings sticking out, you are most likely to have numerous sleep deprived evenings because of this. Nevertheless, there are additionally freshly bought bed mattress that simply do not supply the appropriate convenience we require.

If you have actually currently chosen to acquire this mattress modern technology, you must think about the thickness. Other individuals state the suitable thickness is 5 extra pounds however really, 4 extra pounds is sufficient-even far better compared to the greater thickness ones. This will certainly still give you with a minor plushness that your reduced back requires.

You could begin with latex mattress toppers or memory foam mattress toppers. These 2 are best recognized for their advantages in relieving pain in the back. Memory foam particularly decreases neck and back pain and also stress sores due to its capability to remember your body shape and also comply with it as it adapt to your body temperature level.

Latex, on the various other, is a resistant product efficient in supplying back pain-free rest. This mattress has actually been taken in with pincore openings. The holes are dispersed around the mattress and also this is exactly what takes in body weight. This likewise permits the mattress to adapt your body contours enabling you to have far better rest. Just what is wonderful regarding latex is that it has simply the appropriate balance of assistance as well as convenience.

Selecting The Finest CrossFit Shoes

The New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Training Shoe has actually been particularly created with the CrossFit consumer in mind. It’s really light-weight, however likewise tough sufficient for routine usage. It’s created to offer the feeling of not putting on shoes to make sure that you develop much more toughness in your feet as well as body.

Individuals all throughout the country are entering Crossfit. The appeal of this workout is blowing up as well as it appears that every fitness center is providing it. It is a very easy task to obtain right into, yet among one of the most crucial points that a person is going to require appertains Crossfit shoes.

These days, footwear companies are coming out with all these best shoes for Crossfitters to adjust your stride or alleviate discomfort while running. Crossfit shoes is a basic term, that defines a couple of various kinds of shoes that are needed for training.

Customers additionally provide desirable evaluations to the Inov-8 Roclite 295 Trail Running Shoe. This footwear is particularly created for exterior usage, however it could likewise be made use of each day and also for CrossFit training.

It has integrated design that particularly sustains the muscular tissues as well as connective cells of the foot. If you have troubles with your feet as well as require additional assistance, this is the footwear for you. Selecting a CrossFit footwear that’s especially made to be lightweight, resilient, as well as shift with lots of tasks is necessary to a risk-free as well as comfy workout.
A crossfit shoes ought to additionally be able to enable for a much more all-natural pose when running or strolling. A great footwear to purchase and also it is absolutely worth the loan.

Reebok makes the Womens CrossFit Nano 2.0 especially for females that take part in CrossFit training. This footwear is light and also adaptable and also has the advantage of contemporary layout and also design.

It might appear counterproductive, yet CrossFit shoes are really fairly easy and also structured. As this kind of training has actually come to be much more prominent, numerous producers have actually established shoes that are especially for cross training this way. We’ll look at shoes for guys.

This footwear is developed to be light-weight and also extremely adaptable. You could go from stamina training to going to climbing up ropes done in the very same footwear. And also while there are fantastic shoes for males, females have actually likewise signed up with the CrossFit activity as well as there are shoes for ladies.

Reebok was just one of the very first suppliers to acknowledge the requirement for CrossFit shoes. They make a number of designs of shoes for this kind of training. The Reebok Men’s Realflex Transition Training Shoe is one such item.

An additional footwear developed for CrossFit training is the ECCO Men’s BIOM Lite 1.3 Cross-Training Shoe. This is an additional footwear that’s really light-weight and also made to assist you in relocating from one kind of task to one more in the exact same footwear.

The New Balance Women’s WT20v1 Trail Minimus Shoe functions well for CrossFit training since it’s light-weight, yet sturdy. It likewise has actually the included advantage of making the change from interior exercises to exterior operating on tracks.

This footwear is produced in Europe of top quality products. Customers that have actually bought it go crazy concerning the fit and also convenience that the footwear offers. It’s additionally developed to last a long period of time so you’ll get return on your financial investment.

Experiencing Chicago

Planning on visiting Chicago? There are many things you can do in Chicago and every other place in the world but what are the things that you can do in Chicago? Here are some that can guide you.
When you are in Chicago, you may want to visit Illinois. The great Chicago fire in 1871 destroyed half the city but became an opportunity for the metropolis to reinvent. It is then followed by the biggest building boom in the United States history. You can first visit the Loop, one of the four downtown community areas in Chicago. The streets within the Loop are a showcase of architecture. Willis Tower, held the world’s tallest building record for almost 25 years. You can even feel the building swaying when you are inside on windy days. On the north, you can see more wonders of architecture. The Water Tower, looks out of place, alone but loved survivor from the Chicago fire. Then there is the Magnificent Mile where you can shop from the boutiques and eat deep with special pizzas, an old Chicago favorite. The Chicago River provides a relaxing change of pace downtown. Still within the Loop is the Millennium Park, it is transformed to be hailed by critiques as the future of parks. The center pieces which you may see are the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the BP Pedestrian Bridge. They also have the futuristic stainless steel, Cloud Gate, also called, The Bean, by the locals. Just across the road is The Art Institute of Chicago with a lot of masterpieces from all over the world. If you are a couple and/or a nature lover, you may want to visit one of Chicago’s hidden gems, The Garfield Park Conservatory, an inner city haven. Nearby is the Oak Park which is really amazing. Navy Pier is an entertainment center and also offers lake cruises. South of Navy Pier is the Field Museum where you can see over 20 million specimens in natural history. It may be familiar to some, that’s because it was a home base for Indiana Jones in the blockbuster movie series. A little further south, you will find The Museum of Science and Industry known as the “best field trip ever!” Chicago’s largest green space is the Lincoln Park. Its home to nature reserves, a conservatory and monuments to many of the nation’s heroes including the park’s namesake, Abraham Lincoln. The park also features the Lincoln Park Zoo which has been entertaining and educating visitors. It is designed with two sections specifically designed for children and the best of all, it’s free. The park is also home to the Chicago history museum. From gangsters to baseball, this is the place to visit if you really want to know what makes this the unique city. As the sun sets, Chicago truly lights up but don’t plan on getting to bed early as you might want to discover the best jazz, blues and theater in America. So here are some things that you can do in Chicago. The memory you will take away will last a lifetime no matter how hard the wind blows.

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